TRUEAST meaning the True East, relates to when the British would brew IPA to send over to their colonies in the East - often in India. As TRUEAST brew their ale locally in Norfolk in East Anglia, the idea to link the two “Easts” became clear. The brewery in Norfolk would now be known as the TRUEAST as there is no need to brew it anywhere else for it to have the same quality, authentic taste!
To get consumers involved in well, consuming the ale we would run a competition involving the beer mats. The customer peels back the barrel to reveal a white heron, then they will need to dab a bit of their drink on to it! If they are a winner the heron will turn teal, and if they are a looser it will turn yellow. To claim their free drink they would need take the winning mat up to the participating bar. This sort of competition would create a real buzz and sense of fun around the brand and keep customers buying the drink to try and win more, and it would also get people talking about it to their friends and family. The standard side of the beer mat, would be used to give a push towards social media sharing encouraging consumers to share their TRUEAST experience. ​​​​​​​
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